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4 tips for a successful videoconference interview

The interview, whether presidential or remote, is an important step and an often stressful exercise. Even in videoconferencing, it is essential to prepare it well, both in form and content. Here are some tips to be on top on D-Day!

Check your hardware

Connection bugs during a meeting are commonplace. But during maintenance, they must be avoided at all costs. Before your interview, make sure you have a good connection speed and that your webcam and microphone are working. To make sure, do a technical test by calling one of your loved ones via videoconference on the software that will be used for the interview (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). To optimize your connection, also ask your loved ones not to browse online during your interview.

Prepare your environment

An interview is an important appointment where it is necessary not to be disturbed. Make sure to tell your loved ones (if you don’t live alone), to leave your animals in a separate room if they like to appear unexpectedly.

Finally, do not forget to take care of your background: a messy place risks being badly perceived by your employer and will return a sloppy image. Place yourself preferably close to a light source so that your interlocutor perceives you well, with a neutral and plain background, without objects that could distract his attention.

Take care of your image

Exit the comfortable outfit of telework! For an interview, dress appropriately in accordance with the company’s dress code. Pay attention to your hairstyle, your posture, and your image in general. The goal is to make a good impression and not look sloppy.

The image you send back also (and above all) depends on your attitude: stand up straight, listen, pay attention to your gestures. Without overdoing it, it is important to be dynamic, interested and responsive. Do not hesitate to smile, speak distinctly and clearly and look your interlocutor in the eye. In addition to knowing more about you, the videoconference interview allows the recruiter to assess your reactions, the way you respond, and to see what you “give off” in general.

Our advice? It is important not to remain passive in front of your screen. Make the exchange dynamic and interesting. Do not hesitate to take notes, ask questions, nod while listening to your recruiter… So many small elements that will show your interest. Finally, it may be interesting to send a short email at the end of the interview to express your gratitude and reiterate your interest in the position.

 Be relaxed and natural

If it is important to show a minimum of dynamic and interested during your interview, remember above all that making a good impression depends on… being you. The interview is above all a meeting, and it must be sincere. With equal experience, it is the personality that will weigh in the balance against another candidate. And a recruiter generally knows how to spot a natural, informed, honest candidate, in tune with himself, the candidate who “plays” a character.

To avoid falling into this setback, do not try to be someone else. Also, don’t be ashamed of your CV or lack of experience by trying to justify yourself at all costs. If you are asked about this subject, expose and explain things simply, without falling into affect. If you feel stressed or have a memory lapse, let your interviewer know with a smile. He will surely appreciate your honesty and naturalness.

Besides, if you feel stressed before the interview, nothing more normal. Try to relax by taking deep breaths, listening to quiet music, reading (or whatever helps you let go). If you can, prepare your interview carefully beforehand in order to be more serene and sure of yourself on D-Day.

You now have all the keys to a successful interview! Whatever happens, don’t panic: a recruiter is used to this exercise and knows that the situation is particular and often stressful for the candidate. And above all: he is not there to judge you but to ensure that you correspond to the position. Good luck !

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