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After a job interview: when and how to relaunch effectively?

 Did you interview for your dream job? The days pass and the company still does not give you a follow-up. If you are not sure of the right attitude to adopt, here are our tips for relaunching an application in the rules of the art.

When to follow up after a job interview?

The waiting time after the interview varies depending on the company, the recruitment process, the number of applications and the characteristics of the job. Note that it is generally longer for positions of responsibility.

At the end of the interview, you must have heard “ we will get back to you within X weeks/days ”. If you have not received a response after this time, you can send a follow-up. On the other hand, if no deadline has been indicated, or if the recruiter responds “as soon as possible”, you can send an email or call after one week.

In any case, you will not be judged negatively if the raise is made at the right time. As a general rule, a call on Monday morning at 9 a.m. or an email on Friday at 6 p.m. is not an ideal time. Your recruiter will probably be about to start their week or go away for the weekend. The best ? Follow up in the middle of the week, during standard office hours (usually between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.).

Follow-up by email or telephone: which is better?

Once the moment has been chosen, you will have the choice between a follow-up by email or by telephone.

For some recruiters, it may seem invasive and overwhelming. For others, it will be well perceived, especially if it is a job where direct contact takes precedence (a commercial function for example). If you do not get an answer on the phone, leave a voice message and prefer a follow-up by email.

Email is less intrusive and allows a clear, concise and more thoughtful message to be conveyed.

Follow-up after the interview: what should you pay attention to?

Recovery is an art! On the phone, it is advisable to be brief and to think beforehand about what you intend to say. By email, it is advisable to pay attention to:

In tone : do not be impatient or abrupt. Instead, express a sincere interest in the position and maintain a friendly, polite demeanor.

Content : be concise and concise. Your goal is to have a quick response without beating around the bush.

Wording : Avoid negative, reproach-like expressions such as “still haven’t heard back from you”.

Errors : Proofread carefully to spot grammar and spelling mistakes. A hastily written email can give a bad impression and penalize your application.

Mail and follow-up call: our examples

By applying the previous rules, you have everything you need to write an ideal email. To help you when writing, we offer you a template. It’s up to you to personalize it according to your situation and your own words.

Subject: Follow-up following the job interview.

Madam/Sir (name of recruiter),

Thank you for the interview you granted me last (day + month). I found our exchanges particularly interesting, in particular on the subject of (discussion point addressed). I remain interested in the position of (job title) and reiterate my wish to work for (company name).

In this regard, when do you expect to make your decision known?

I would be delighted to hear about the rest of the recruitment process.

Good for you,

(Last name and first name)

For the call, cut to the chase:

Hello Madam/Sir (name of recruiter),

(Your first and last name) to the device. I’m not bothering you ?

We met on (day + month) during an interview for the position of (job title). Can you please give me a update about my application?

Thank you for your reply.

Very good day.

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