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How to present yourself during a job interview?

The job interview is an essential step when applying for a job. Here are some ways to learn how to showcase yourself and present yourself to a recruiter.

Talking about yourself in a job interview

To present oneself

The first step is to be understood by the recruiter . Seduction comes first and foremost through clarity.

To present yourself, it is recommended to go to the essentials. Staying concise and direct also helps keep the recruiter’s attention .

Being able to sum up your career in three sentences is an excellent exercise for working on your analytical skills .

Presenting your educational background

To present your educational background during a job interview , it is advisable to carefully follow the chronology of your studies without repeating your CV .

To stand out, it is better to cite a specialty of his school career , such as mastering a foreign language .

Presenting your educational background in a job interview also involves highlighting your qualities and interpersonal skills.

Describe a personal or professional experience

To stand out during a job interview , it is recommended to describe a personal or professional experience that is relevant in the eyes of the recruiter.

To tell an experience , you have to take care of your narration by highlighting your experiences and what you have learned during your training. This is particularly a particularly popular faculty in the digital communication sector . Indeed, knowing how to tell a story and script a brand proposition is an essential skill in the fields of marketing and communication. It is thus necessary to keep in mind that one seeks, during an interview , to sell oneself. This is why developing your sense of storytelling can be invaluable, including in the context of a job search .

In general, when it comes to describing an experience, use the 5W rule: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?)

to become indispensable

A successful job interview is an interview after which the recruiter realizes how essential the candidate’s skills are to the company.

This notably involves the tone used at the time of the presentation: determination and confidence must be felt in the speech.

To make a good impression

To succeed in a job interview , it is also important to make a good impression . It is recommended to choose a sober dress. It is also necessary to plan a margin of time to anticipate possible unforeseen events. It is also important to avoid colloquialisms (even if the recruiter uses them) and learn about the culture of the company.

Also, don’t be afraid of silence. These are sometimes necessary to allow time for reflection and to prepare an appropriate response.

Finally, taking an interest in your interlocutor and the work environment in which he operates allows you to highlight your listening skills and your curiosity.

Present a professional project in a job interview

Describe his personality

In general, the virtues (or soft skills ) most sought after by bosses are the following:

  • adaptability
  • fluency in oral and written communication
  • optimism, enthusiasm for the missions entrusted
  • good general culture, and therefore open-mindedness

Show motivation

During a job interview , the challenge remains to please the recruiter. For this, it is necessary to show his motivation . To do this, it is necessary to give concrete guarantees of his commitment in the field of activity of the company to which one is applying. . Adopting a positive and enthusiastic attitude also helps to highlight your motivation . In addition, it is important to prepare for your interview and to have a good knowledge of the company’s activity and the missions offered.

Mastering the job interview

In order to master the job interview , another mission awaits the candidate: find out about the job description and the company. This consists of knowing:

  • What will be the main job responsibilities?
  • Who will we be working with?
  • What are the objectives to be achieved?
  • What are the expected skills ?
  • What ambitions and values ​​are at the origin of the company?
  • When was the company created and by whom?
  • What are the latest news or trends within the company?
  • What are the main topics at the moment?
  • Who are the company’s main competitors?
  • Does the company have one or more business partners?

In a job interview , getting to know the company and the key challenges of the profession at your fingertips will necessarily be rewarded.

Preparing for the job interview

Practice for the job interview

To present yourself well in a job interview , you have to start by practicing. Speaking in front of the mirror is an excellent exercise to test your speech and attitude. You can also ask a relative, a professional or a teacher to simulate an interview . An outside look will, in fact, allow you to collect feedback to adjust your preparation.

Key questions in a job interview

Perhaps the most common question asked during a job interview is: “Tell us about yourself.” To answer it, it is recommended not to repeat what is already indicated in the CV . Indeed, it is better to prepare a description of his profile in the form of a narration, explaining and justifying his choices. Thus, the recruiter can have a better idea of ​​the background, aspirations and values ​​of a candidate. If these elements coincide with the culture of the company, then the employer may retain the profile.

Another question, much more destabilizing: “Why should we hire you rather than another candidate. what is special about my profile? The objective here is to argue and highlight its specificities (eg: experiences abroad , diversity of types of positions held, centers of interest, practice of foreign languages, etc.).

A last, also quite dreaded: “What are your qualities and what are your faults? We can return the question by speaking rather of areas for improvement . It is a question of imagining what one would like to improve or a quality that one would like to acquire. The question then becomes a new opportunity to talk about his motivation and the reasons that lead us to apply.

Video job interview

In the case of a job interview carried out remotely , by video, it is necessary to prepare a silent environment, without external disturbances. Ensuring the quality of your microphone, your camera, and doing a technical test is an important prerequisite. Similarly, having a good internet connection is essential to ensure the smooth running of the interview.

Checking all these parameters will allow you not to be distracted by technical details and to devote yourself fully to your arguments.

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