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The best paying jobs in 2022

Finance, production, sales, IT, management… Discover the job families offering the highest annual salaries.

A job that pays well! According to the L’Etudiant BVA barometer of confidence in the future of 15–20-year-olds , this is what high school students and students from the second to bac+2 level expect from companies . For executive-level jobs, the Student has identified the currently best-paid positions.

Please note: if you are starting out in professional life, you may not receive the average amount of salary mentioned but rather the bottom of the salary range. But with your talent, your energy and experience, you too will soon be able to claim this level of remuneration!

Commercial, sale: 70,000 dollar jackpot for international trade pros

Commercial, technical-commercial, SME-SMI commercial, individual commercial, key account manager… On average , a commercial in post earns 56,000 dollar gross per year (from 36,000 to 85,000 dollar depending on experience, sector of activity).

International trade specialists are the best paid: import-export salespeople and other “international business developers” earn an average of 70,000 dollar (from 38,000 to 110,000 dollar ).

In store sales, the average salary is 50,000 dollar , with salaries ranging from 35,000 to 80,000 dollar.

Legal, finance: 70,000 dollar per year for finance aces

If you have studied law, especially tax law, the business world is reaching out to you! A lawyer earns an average of 57,000 dollar gross per year (from 37,000 to 88,000 dollar).

If you have a degree in finance and cash management, it’s downright bonanza: you can count on an average salary of 70,000 dollar per year (from 39,000 to 110,000 dollar).

Purchasing, logistics-transport: buyer a job where you earn an average of 60,000 dollar per year

The economy is knowing how to produce and sell… but it is above all knowing how to buy well!  Normal: they make considerable savings for companies. The job of buyer is paid on average 60,000 dollar gross per year, the salary range being wide from 38,000 to 92,000 dollar.

In the field of transport , the profession of logistician has also become strategic to ensure the proper functioning of companies. Just-in-time and freight forwarding experts are paid an average of 58,000 dollar per year (from 37,000 to 85,000 dollar).

Administration, management: 55,000 dollar for audit and management professionals

As for experts in figures, it is the management controllers and audit specialists who earn the most: 55,000 dollar on average with salaries ranging from 38,000 to 80,000 dollar gross per year . Knowing how to count pays off!

Accountants also earn a good living with an average income of 51,000 dollar per year (from 36,000 to 71,000 dollar).

Production: engineers receive 55,000 dollar to run the workshops

In factories, industrial production executives (often engineers or graduates with a master’s degree in engineering) are paid an average of 55,000 dollar gross per year (from 38,000 to 78,000 dollar). The price of their know-how to produce in quantity, quality and on time.

For his part, a process and methods engineer also earns 55,000 dollar. His quality manager colleague will receive an average of 53,000 dollar (from 35,000 to 82,000 dollar). On construction sites, a site manager or a project manager earns almost the same amount, 54,000 dollar gross per year (from 36,000 to 80,000 dollar).

IT, web: 54,000 dollar for operations/maintenance managers

In a society where digital governs most activities, network breakdowns, computer bugs, cyberattacks are the fear of organizations. An IT director in usa earns an average of 75,000 dollar and his salary ranges from 45,000 to 120,000 dollar.

At the operational level, it is those in charge of IT operation and maintenance who earn the best living with an average of 54,000 dollar (from 35,000 to 80,000 dollar).
Website and portal developers are also well paid, 49,000 dollar on average (from 36,000 to 68,000 dollar). Specialists in IT management earn just over 52,000 dollar (from 36,000 to 78,000 dollar).

Studies and research: inventors earn 52,000 dollar on average

At the stage of research and innovation studies, it is the scientific and technical study and project managers who do best: they receive 52,000 dollar on average (from 35 to 78,000 dollar) . The experts in charge of trials, tests, validation of a new product or a project earn a little less, on average 50,000 dollar (from 34,000 to 75,000 dollar).

Marketing, communication: between 50,000 and 53,000 dollar for those passionate about these sectors

Marketing or web marketing officer, product manager… If you work in marketing , you can expect an average annual salary of 53,000 dollar (from 35,000 to 80,000 dollar). In communication professions, people in post earn an average of €50,000 (from €33,000 to €75,000).


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