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Top 10 training courses most sought after by executives in 2022

To build skills, master new software or retrain, executives are fond of training.

According to the Study , more than 12,000 training searches were carried out during the first quarter of 2021, or 58% more than the previous year. This enthusiasm can be explained by the increase in short-time working among executives, and the possibility of having one’s training financed by one’s personal training account (CPF). Each asset has an account credited in euros allowing them to pay for many types of training, most of which are now offered online. Focus on the 10 most sought-after training courses by executives in 2022!

1. Skills assessment

The Michael Page/IFOP study on major trends in the labor market published in April 2021 reveals that one in two executives is considering – or could consider – retraining in the next two years. An interesting figure which explains the constant attraction for the skills assessment.

According to the platform, the skills assessment was indeed searched for 456 times in the first quarter of 2021, an increase of 88% compared to the previous year. The reason: it remains a key step for executives who wish to retrain and change jobs, but who generally do not know what and where to start.

2. English

English is the most used language in the world of work and on the Internet. Mastering this language is a real asset to highlight on your CV, especially for candidates applying to companies with an international outlook or located abroad. It is also one of the skills most in demand by employers in USA and around the world. Today, many English training courses can be carried out remotely through online courses with a trainer, or in an approved institute.

3. Driving license

Just like English, the B permit is an essential element to include on your CV. It is required by many companies to make business trips and/or home-work journeys. Its average cost in USA is around €1,800; this is why many executives call on their CPF to finance it.

4. Diet BTS

This is training that can be done entirely remotely, in parallel with your current job. This diploma includes subjects focused on nutrition and health and opens the way to the profession of dietitian or health training manager.

5. USA sign language

Mastering USA Sign Language (LSF) is a sign of openness, curiosity and empathy. More than a skill, it demonstrates real human qualities and an ability to easily establish contact, regardless of who you are talking to.

On a CV, the mastery of LSF helps to stand out and reflects a positive aspect of one’s personality. In addition, it is an enriching training that allows people with hearing and speech disorders to understand and be understood.

6. Wellness and Nutrition Coaching

This training aims to provide the necessary knowledge to become a coach in the field of well-being and nutrition. In particular, it combines lessons on sport, diet, sleep and relaxation methods.

7. Payroll Manager

Currently on the rise among executives, payroll manager training has seen a 197% increase in searches over the previous year. This business at the heart of the company consists of supervising employee compensation, includes administrative and technical tasks and is carried out in collaboration with the human resources department. Payroll manager training can be financed by the CPF and leads to jobs such as payroll manager, accountant or human resources manager.

8. Data scientists

Increasingly popular with employers, the data scientist is responsible for the management, analysis and exploitation of massive data within a company. The exercise of the profession requires specialized training in data analysis, mastery of at least one programming language and solid knowledge of statistics. The attractiveness of executives for this training can be explained by:

  • the opportunity to enhance their candidacy with training sought by employers;
  • its many employment opportunities;
  • the average salary associated with this profession (about 35 K€ and 38 K€ for a beginner, and 50 K€ to 60 K€ for an experienced profile).

9. CAP MMVF (fashion professions, fuzzy clothing)

This distance learning allows you to acquire the know-how to practice in the fashion and sewing sector (making clothes, methods of cutting, assembly and ironing, etc.).

10. Sophrologist

Acting on both the body and the mind, sophrology is a relaxation technique based on breathing. Through specific exercises, it helps to regain calm, well-being and self-confidence. For executives, training in sophrology is generally sought after during a retraining project.

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